How to Save Money with Coupons: Tips from the Pros

Here's how to save money with coupons as told by coupon professionals. From finding a coupon database to making a shopping list, these tips for beginners can help you save money at grocery stores and pharmacies. With the extreme use of coupons, people can spend hours and hours trying to find the best deals and leave the store with 10 gallons of laundry detergent at a fraction of the original price. But why do you need so much detergent in the first place? Did you know that you can also use two coupons in an offer to buy one and get one for free? This is what an extreme coupon does - creating bigger and better deals.

Coupons have been around since World War II, when manufacturers used them to control purchasing power while providing consumers with basic necessities. Nowadays, there are many ways to save money with coupons. For example, you can find an Ibotta or Fetch Rewards offer that you can request after buying, which will give you more money in your pocket in addition to the discounts you'll get when you accumulate coupons. By keeping an eye on offers, combining coupons with discounts, and using them strategically during shopping trips, you can save substantial amounts of money on your purchases.

Another option is to use coupon databases. These are websites that group coupons in one place, making it easy to find deals, says Jenny Martin, the author of the frugal living website Southern Savers. Some items may only have small discounts, so it's questionable whether it's worth the effort involved in finding and using those particular coupons. However, many extreme coupon users never pay for toothpaste, razors, deodorant, body wash, or shampoo because coupons can reduce the cost to zero.

If you find an offer you like, simply save it to the Flipp app so you can show it to the cashier when you go to pay in the store. The trick to being successful in organizing coupons is to find a system that you feel comfortable with and that you stick to. But the last thing you want is to channel your coupon savings into expensive organization systems and supplies you don't need. According to Cindy Livesey, frugal living expert from the coupon website Living Rich With Coupons, what Aunt Betty taught us all was the value of saving a dollar or two just by buying the sale and never buying anything without a coupon (or promo code) in hand.

What is the final result? There's nothing wrong with coupons, especially if you're trying to save money at checkout. You can buy yourself a new pair of shoes or a pound of sausage for your liver, plus the pleasant feeling that you've even saved money. Collecting coupons on a consistent basis and looking for weekly deals will help you make sure you have enough coupons to find opportunities to accumulate them. With these tips from the pros on how to save money with coupons, you'll be able to make sure that your wallet stays full!.